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Whether you are using a DSLR, Mirrorless camera, Ipad, Smartphone or any image capturing device, we will show you how to create and edit your images to look amazing, just like all the ones in the video above!


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Here’s some samples of the content modules You’ll find inside Photography Tribe…

We Have Also Included Over 10,000 Images From Our Lakes Region Marketing Stock Photos Website…



With over 10,000+ images (and more added all the time) to choose from, you’ll come up

with endless ways to use the images from Lakes Region Marketing for countless projects

It’s not uncommon to pay $10 a pop for a photo at major stock photo sites. You’d pay just as much as

we’re asking today for 10 photos from the Big Guys as we’re asking for lifetime access to our photos.

You won’t pay a penny more when you take us up on this offer.Pay once annually and relax knowing you

have your image needs covered from now on. And there’s no credits or hidden extended licenses

to worry about with us ever.


“The qualitiy I find at Lakes Region Marketing is second-to-none. Ed Mercer manages to photograph all sorts of compelling imagery that engages the viewer and lends an elegant, professional flair to any site wise enough to use them. Highly recommended!”
Barbara Ling

Authority Marketer/Product Creator

Why Risk A Law Suit When These Images Are A Great Addition To Your Membership

Only $97.00 a Year

Here’s Another Taste of the Awesome Content You’ll Find Inside

Photography Tribe…

Photography Tribe Just Make Sense!

Why Pay More to Learn The Best in Photography?

People Photos

We’ll show you how to
take great photos of your
friends and family at all
events and places where
precious memories are

Travel Memories

Relive all your wonderful
travel memories with the
photos you will learn to
take from the travel
tutorial found in
Photography Tribe.

Smartphone Photography

We will show you how to
take amazing photos and
videos with your smartphone.
Never miss an opportunity
to create awesome
memories again.

Post Processing

Make your ordinary
photos extraordinary
with what we will
show you how to do
in our post
processing videos.

Only $97.00 a Year

The Possibilities for For What You Can Do With This Training Is

Endless…Just Imagine All The Great Photos and Images You Will Be

     Able To Create With What You Will Learn In Photography Tribe…



Free Photo Editing Site

Gold Standard For Photo Editing

Get many of the photo editing features found in Photoshop with this free, web-based program. 26 comprehensive videos show you how to get the most out of this Pixlr Express. Budget will never again be an issue in editing your photos to their full-potential when you take full advantage of all Pixlr Express has to offer. Master the 100’s of image-transforming effects and filters inside Pixlr. Perfect tor budget minded individuals.

Photoshop’s the gold-standard of photoediting programs and our tutorial library will have you up to speed on it fast. Edit in layers for some truly out of this world effects you just can’t achieve with any other program. Our Photoshop tutorial videos take you from a Photoshop novice to an advanced user in much less time than you think possible. I’ll let you in on a secret.. there’s a program that makes Photoshop and Lightroom extremely affordable which we will tell you about.

Keep Your Images Organized

Photo Editing Tips & Tricks

Be amazed when you see how moving a few sliders around transforms the look of your photos! Lightroom has become the 1st choice of many photographers for post-processing images. You’ll quickly see why it’s such a favorite when you see how easy it is to use. Catalog and organize your images with ease-no more hunting around your hard-drive going mad to find that image you just know is hidden in some obscure folder.

Why settle for the ordinary, when you can have extraordinary images with our library of photo editing tutorials. You will be amazed as you witness the magic of using different filters and plugins that make your images amazing and save you so much time in each process you learn. And we will just continue to keep adding them to  the membership, so you know what is available to you now and what is new and up to date.


Here’s Why You Need To Be A Member of Photography Tribe…

Make Profits With Your Photography

We will show you multiple ways to make profits with your Photography. Sue and I have over 150,000 hours of running a Photography Business, so we know what we are doing and have photographed every kind of scenario and event when it comes to photography. We are still an active photography business, although now we spend most of our time teaching.

But when you pay your yearly fee of $97.00 you will have access to our library of Photography videos where we show you all the ways you can make money with Photography, as we have for over 30 years in the Photography Business. This is a no-brainer!

We Will Show You How To Stand Out From the Crowd

We will show you different techniques and ways to make your images stand out from all others, whether it just be for your family albums or to use on any of the different social media sites, now or any new ones that show up in the future.

And with new videos constantly being added, to the library at Photography Tribe you will always be current and aware of all things to do with Photography. And we have so many contacts and Photography friends and marketing specialists that we will be making available from time to time as guest teachers.

Information About Great Photography Locations

We have done a lot of traveling over the years and have a bucket list of lots of places we want to visit in the future. We are fortunate to have family that works in the travel industry, so we are able to travel at a very reasonable cost. This is great for you because we will tell you the great places we have been or are going to and will share with you how to make your travels and photo memories of these places special.

So get ready for an incredible experience as a member of Photography Tribe, as we show you how to create amazing images from what we have learned and what you want us to teach you about photography.

What Do These Respected Marketers & Photographers Like

Photography Tribe & Lakes Region Marketing?

“One less thing to worry about! Lakes Region Marketing solves a major headache for me. Having experienced issues with picture rights in the past, Lakes Region Marketing is a nice addition to my tool box. Because Ed creates his own high resolution images, I never have to worry about, “Hey, that’s my picture you owe me $$$$.” His images are gorgeous and there’s a plethora to choose from. He updates the content monthly, and his images are second-to-none.!”
Wes Harrison

Elite Coach/Speaker

“I love Lakes Region Marketing as it provides me with high quality, gorgeous images to use in so many ways… I love grabbing Lakes Region Images as they provide beautiful backgrounds for inspiring quotes that I post on Pinterest and Facebook, many of which I get lot of shares… It’s great to use Lakes Region Images and not have to worry about any copyright issues since you can use the pictures any way you want. Ed uploads hundreds of pictures monthly, so there’s always fresh pictures to use. If you need pictures (and who doesn’t) Lakes Region Marketing is the PERFECT place to get them.”
Teri Harris

Software Creator/Pinterest Expert

“The Photos are beautiful, professional and have great resolution–easily adaptable to many uses. This is not some “impersonal company” -Ed goes above and beyond-even assisting me when I had trouble with some photo editing software. Most of all, I love the peace of mind, knowing I don’t have to worry about accidental copyright infringement or huge fines. Without a doubt, joining Lakes Region Marketing has been one of my best marketing decisions. I used to dread the struggle to locate pictures for my Facebook pages, blog, marketing pieces, and so on. Now I just go to Lakes Region Marketing first.”
Linda Stevens Jones


Only $97.00 a Year

That’s Cool… But What Else Can You Do With

Photography Tribe?


From Kindle authors, bloggers, product creators, social media marketers,video marketers,

and offline consultants, Photography Tribe has something for everyone to help you create 

         amazing photos and graphics for yourself or your clients…



Into Video Marketing?

Be delighted by the
“oohs and ahs” you”ll
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and friends when they
see your photos and
enhanced images
included in their


Social Media Marketing?

Your social media photos
will stand out from all the
others when you apply
the techniques you will
learn in our photography
and post processing

Kindle or E-Book Author?

You need high-quality
images for your book
covers & illustrations.
You will be able to
create these kinds
of images when you
apply the techniques
from Photography Tribe.

Blogger/Product Creator?

Bloggers and product
creators need high
resolution images. Your
future images that you
create for yourself
or your clients will
be that way as a member
of Photography Tribe.


This is a Limited Time Offer!

There is a saying that goes “He who can does; he who cannot, teaches,” by George Bernard Shaw.

Author Malcolm Gladwell argues in his book Outliers that it takes 10,000 hours of practice in your craft to acquire expert status.

I want to make a case for why you may want to learn photography from me and my wife Sue based on these 2 statements.

We did our first wedding in 1977 and continue to teach and work in the Photography field to this day.We know photography techniques of the past and have remained current with all the new techniques of photography, photo-editing, and marketing.

Based on 50 hour work weeks since that time (which is conservative) I have accumulated 106,600 hours of experience, my wife Susan has been there with me every step of the way for over 200,000 hours of combined knowledge to pass on to you.

We spent over 40 years doing, and now we are ready to teach you what we did!


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Only $97.00 a Year

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So Let Me Get This Straight – I pay Once a month and Have
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That’s right. Pay  $97.00 today, and you’ll have access to all
of the content for 1 year. There’s no tricks, no
gimmicks, no upsells. Annual payment of $97.00 annually
and you have access to all this and any future content.

How often will you be adding new content ?

We will be adding new content every week in
all the modules contained in the site, and new
modules will be added on new topics requested
by you and other members.


Are there ANY restrictions to to my membership?

There are no restrictions, you are becoming a member
at the best possible time. By being a founding member
you get access to everything now and in the future at a
locked in price of $29.95 a month and not the future price
of $49 per month.

Is there a refund period?

Yes, if you are not happy with us
for any reason, we offer a 30 day
money back guarantee. And if
you have any issues you can reach
us at